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Linda Hamman - CEO Talk2UsWhen I founded Talk2Us in 2000, I was on a crusade!  I had a keen desire to guide companies in generating a sense of mission among their employees.   It is this sense of mission that spurs on performance, creates a perception of ownership and responsibility, builds pride, and enhances trust  - ultimately resulting in greater productivity and a place where everybody feels they belong and can prosper.   The principal tool of influence to accomplish all this is internal communication: the way an organisation’s people ‘talk’ to each other and with their various publics, determines the level of engagement they achieve with each of these stakeholder groupings.  

Over the past 12 years, we have conceived and developed hundreds of programmes and initiatives, designed to produce  an environment where people feel they belong, where they want to come to work, where they feel they can make a difference and add value, and are empowered to take ownership.  

Our unique, distinctive approach and all  that we have learned over time, led us to devise the comprehensive Talk2Us Brand Engagement Compass.   The Brand Engagement Compass is a process that begins internally, and as the people in the company become more engaged, they engage externally with others they come into contact with.   It’s like the ripple effect that happens when a water drop falls onto smooth water – it circles, spreads and expands.  

Our many years of experience have resulted in Talk2Us growing from strength to strength, despite tough economic conditions.  We have evolved our service offering as the communication world, business and the consumers have evolved.  We have brought new world-class product on board, such as SnapComms, and taken our personal development programmes and boosted it to what it is known as today, the Talk2Us Interaction Academy.  We have inspired the industry to the extent that we have been invited several times to present our methodologies and practices internally at the International Association for Business Communication to audiences of over 1400 communication practitioners.

“Ideas are gold but people are platinum” has always been one of our axioms and it rings true in our business and in every other business - it’s all about people.  That is why in this, our sixth website edition, we would like to thank all those PEOPLE who, in the true spirit of Ubuntu, have made us the organisation we are today.  To our...

Many customers, thank you for entrusting to us one of the most crucial and business critical components of your organisation - internal communication. We enjoy working with and learning from the many diverse organisations we interact with. The challenges you face are enormous and if we can assist by smoothing even one small bump in the road travelled, we are inspired to rise and meet the next challenge.

Suppliers we are most grateful: we place challenges at your door every day, asking you to produce ground-breaking communication tasks at break-neck speed and affordable costs.

Media and all those who praise and criticise. We don’t live in a vacuum at Talk2Us, we hear each voice and take it on board - and to those who allow us to have a far-reaching voice, Thank you.

Staff: it is your skill, tenacity, loyalty and eagerness to learn (and to share what has been learnt) that has brought us to where we are. Every single individual who has worked with us has brought to the party. We are most grateful to you. I personally look forward to seeing you all every day for the next 10 years!

Those we’ve interacted with, but haven’t contracted with as yet - and to you who is reading this right now – what are you waiting for?

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 Linda Hamman - Chief Executive Officer - Talk2Us